The 5th Reimann Investors Portfolio Day

At this year's 5th Reimann Investors Portfolio Day, we once again gave our investors, interested parties and founders the opportunity to get to know each other personally and to engage in direct - and therefore in-depth - dialogue.

Oct 29, 2023

Reimann Investors expects the topics of artificial intelligence and generative AI to be at the height of the hype. External speakers, the founders and representatives of our portfolio companies and our team contributed important content on the topic from a wide range of perspectives.

Managing Director Jussof Breshna explained that macroeconomic conditions are currently having a major impact on the venture capital industry. Nevertheless, the portfolio companies of Reimann Investors Fund II can look back on a successful past year.

Reimann Investors does not invest in hypes, but in technological trends. Trends that open up growing and significant markets and thus enable the development of sustainable competitive advantages. Managing Director Dr Hans-Christian Perle provided an outlook on this.

The terrace was an inviting place for interesting discussions and personal dialogue.

Katharina Hopp, Senior Vice President "Mobility Solutions" Bosch Digital, impressively demonstrated to us that the automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation of enormous proportions and what the future of the industry powered by IT will look like.

For Prof Dr Yasmin Weiß, a business administration professor, startup founder and multiple supervisory board member who advises renowned companies, the era of AI has only just begun. The way we will live and work in 2030 will change substantially, as she explained in her keynote speech.

Fluctuating customer needs are disrupting the global luxury fashion market, which is regarded as the driving force behind innovation in retail and is now worth almost USD 300 billion. Maria Gräfin von Scheel-Plessen, Director EMEA in the luxury industry and keynote speaker, provided exclusive insights on this topic.

A day full of knowledge and personal dialogue came to an end in a pleasant atmosphere. We are already looking forward to an exciting next time...