Proof is in the pudding portfolio

From SaaS to Fintech and Ecomtech – we empower visionary founders to become the growth drivers of tomorrow. 
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Focus pocus.
Our rationale.


We invest phase-agnostically, starting from an ARR of EUR 1 million in companies that already deliver demonstrably validated added value for their customers. We support with know-how in organisational development and scaling in international markets.


We invest in SaaS, Fintech and Ecomtech companies that create clear added value for customers through technology, fostering cooperation between traditional industrial companies and the market leaders of tomorrow.


We invest in high-growth companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that have a clear path to become global leaders.

Your vision. A joint mission. How we operate.

Frontend and backend

We don’t just take things at face value, we go deep –  to understand our ventures inside and out and offer the best front- and backend support possible.

It’s you, not us.

Eye on the prize, not our ego. We shun the spotlight to put your success front and center. Backing and empowering your vision to build a lasting legacy. 

Beyond unicorns

Success stories take many forms. We don’t bet, we support you in building a lasting heritage. By backing visionary founders who deliver real customer value with game-changing products and design – unicorn or not. 

What founders say about us

Reimann Investors recognized Frontastic's technological potential early in our journey and remained a highly esteemed member of our advisory board throughout the company's entire evolution.

Thomas Gottheil, Founder Frontastic

Let’s pioneer the future - together.