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Managing Director of Reimann Investors Venture Management GmbH

Jussof is Managing Director of Reimann Investors and co-leads the startup investment team. Prior to joining Reimann Investors 14 years ago, he gained valuable experience at renowned organizations such as McKinsey & Company and BBDO, where he focused on business development, marketing, and branding across international locations, including Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Mumbai, and Dubai.

During his tenure at Reimann Investors, he has worked closely with numerous startups such as AlphaPet, Frontastic, Credi2, ready2order, Spendit and Vimeda where he continues to bring in his passion for innovation and commitment to making a difference.

Beyond the confines of his professional life, Jussof's dedication to highlighting difference-makers remains apparent, as he takes center stage in his own podcast where he invites trailblazers with various backgrounds. Additionally, he demonstrates his prowess as a linguist being fluent in three languages and a deep-seated love for the guitar, having been a dedicated guitar enthusiast for over three decades.

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