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Since our foundation in 2006, we have developed into a corporate group and focus our investments on two areas: Capital Market Investments and Direct Startup Investments.

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Our History

Through hard work, great ideas and the right decisions, our shareholders have built up assets that they wish to preserve and increase without risking them. The principles of our family office are therefore also based on a deeply rooted entrepreneurial tradition.
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Development into a chemical company

Johann Adam Benckiser acquires a salmiac smelter and develops it into a chemical company together with his son-in-law and chemist Dr Ludwig Reimann.

Marketing of Calgon

Under the management of Dr Albert Reimann jun., Benckiser licenses and markets Calgon.

Repositioning as a brand group

Benckiser changes its corporate structure and transforms itself through acquisitions and innovations into a pure branded goods group for washing, rinsing and cleaning.

Acquisition of Coty Inc.

Benckiser takes over Coty Inc., today the leading manufacturer of fragrances, which are sold in over 130 countries. The Benckiser Group has 100 subsidiaries worldwide and employs over 10,000 people. With annual sales of DM 4.5 billion, the Group is one of Germany's leading companies.

Merger with Reckitt & Colman

The merger with the English company Reckitt & Colman becomes Reckitt Benckiser, the leading manufacturer of detergents, cleaning agents and cleaning products. At the end of the 1990s, members of the Reimann family sell their stake in the former family business and are faced with the challenge of investing liquid assets according to proven entrepreneurial principles.

Founding of Family Office Reimann Investors

Individual family members conclude that they can only meet their personal financial criteria and values with a self-created organisation and their own asset management.

Opening of capital market investments

Investors outside the family are given the opportunity to participate in the family members proven investment concept and invest their assets on the capital market in the same way.

Opening of entrepreneurial direct investments

Entrepreneurial investors can invest in fast-growing digital companies together with Reimann Investors.

Our investment areas

Our speciality is focussing on what is important to us: Capital market investments and direct investments. This allows us to concentrate our resources and vigilance on this one task and make optimum use of our expertise. This enables us to make well-founded decisions quickly and act decisively.

Investor community

We offer selected clients the opportunity to invest their assets in the same way as the family members managed by the Reimann Investors family office. The same principles and objectives, due diligence obligations and cost advantages apply to you. If you would like to become part of our investor community, we would like to invite you to get in touch with us and find out more about our objectives, values and investment prospects.

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