Sastrify is a holistic platform that visualises, centralises and automates the entire software procurement and management process to save companies time, reduce risk and save money.

Procuring SaaS solutions can be tedious and nerve-wracking. Negotiations with SaaS vendors take up valuable time for finance and tech executives because they are complex, opaque, and costly if not done correctly:

Complex: With over 300,000 SaaS vendors and rapidly changing offerings and pricing models, it has become nearly impossible to get the right software at the lowest price.

Non-transparent: Prices for companies are usually not public; 0 - 90% discounts off the list price are usually achievable.

Costly and time-consuming: SaaS is already one of the top 3 indirect costs, and IT managers spend an average of 3–5 hours per contract negotiation.

Sastrify sheds light on SaaS purchasing and enables any organisation to manage their software costs in the best possible way. The company covers the entire lifecycle from the tool search and purchasing process to the management and cost optimisation of the tool landscape in one automated platform.

Sastrify's development since its foundation at the end of 2020 has been remarkable. After the company identified its first product-market fit at the beginning of 2021, Sastrify grew steadily and gained more and more customers in Europe and abroad. After just three years, Sastrify has grown to become one of the world's leading platforms for software procurement and management.


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Sastrify is on a mission to become the global leader in software operating systems. Our pioneering platform uses automation and data-driven insights to optimise every aspect of the enterprise software landscape. In short, Sastrify is the central place where successful organisations buy and manage their software.

Sven Lackinger, Founder and CEO