Xempus‘ cloud-based platform allows brokers and insurers to sell more policies and manage existing ones more efficiently.

Xempus‘ solutions simplify the employee consultation process to increase new policy sales, and its policy management solutions allow direct communications with insurers’ systems. Since the start in 2015, more than 300,000 policies have been sold on the Xempus platform.

Providing adequately for old age and sickness is one of the greatest unsolved problems facing humanity today. At Xempus, the company aims to make pension, life, and health insurance easy and thereby accessible to every person ("Vorsorge einfach machen"). This is achieved by enabling insurance agents to become trusted advisors to their corporate and private end-customers and answer the key question of "Why?" should they engage in any of these endeavors. Xempus creates a delightful customer experience by building, integrating, and running the end-to-end digital infrastructure underlying the policy sale and management processes between agents, customers, and product providers.


Martin Bockelmann

Malte Dummel (Co-CEO)


Cinco Capital

Goldman Sachs

HPE Growth


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