Volders is the leading contract assistant in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With Volders, customers gain a complete overview of all their contracts and subscriptions, no longer miss any cancellation deadlines, and cancel their contracts and subscriptions in a legally secure manner with just a few clicks. Consumers let us do the work for them and can sit back and relax. They always have a good feeling about their contracts and subscriptions. And are free to do everything they really want to do.

The company was founded in 2014 by Jan Hendrik Ansink in Berlin, and the Volders brand was launched in November 2015. Since 2022, Aboalarm GmbH, operator of the eponymous cancellation service aboalarm and the B2B Fintech software Finlytics, has also belonged to volders GmbH. Today, Volders employs over 40 people in six countries and is used by more than 2,500,000 customers as a digital contract assistant.

The service is available in the web browser, as well as via Apple iOS App and Google Android App.


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Our mission is to make customers feel good about their contracts and subscriptions. We want to handle cancellations of contracts and subscriptions better than the customer himself and protect all his rights and enforce claims against providers.

Jan Ansink, Founder and CEO