Frontastic, founded in 2017 by Thomas Gottheil, Henning Emmerich, Kore Nordmann, and Thomas Schlitt, is a commerce frontend platform that lets commerce teams build and deliver engaging websites and web apps. It combines API orchestration, workflows, and frontend delivery for developers and business users.

Reimann Investors invested in Frontastic in 2019.

The customer problem is that building and maintaining a modern commerce frontend is complex, time-consuming, and costly. Frontastic solves this by offering a cloud-based platform that simplifies the process. Customers can create web pages, manage content and data sources, and optimize SEO without code. Frontastic also provides a library of customizable components.

In 2021, Frontastic was acquired by commercetools, a leading headless commerce solution provider. They aim to provide a comprehensive solution for enterprise commerce that combines speed, flexibility, and simplicity. Frontastic and commercetools have been strong partners from the very beginning. Together, they believe they can bring the MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud and Headless) movement to the mid-market as well as to digital business teams so that more companies can benefit from modern commerce experiences.

Today, Frontastic operates as commercetools Frontend, a product of commercetools. Commercetools serves major brands including AT&T, BMW, John Lewis, Lego, Sephora and Volkswagen Group.


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