AlphaPet Ventures is the leading technology-driven brand platform for premium pet food in Europe. AlphaPet's unique business model is based on a portfolio of own brands, with five strong focus brands that are distributed both online in direct-to-consumer business and broadly in offline retail. Through its strong organic growth and a consistent buy-and-build strategy, AlphaPet has been able to realise several successful acquisitions in Germany and England in recent years and further expand its leading positioning.

AlphaPet's vision is to establish healthy pet food in the mainstream while driving the digitalisation of the pet market. The company achieves this through a technology platform with leading premium brands and the successful combination of D2C and B2B sales.

Since 2016, the focus has been on digital brand building, end-to-end tech platforms and further scaling the strong direct-to-consumer (D2C) business. This positioning has been achieved through organic growth and a consistent buy-and-build strategy. AlphaPet is thus able to unite a steadily growing European brand portfolio under its umbrella. The acquisitions of recent years have demonstrated the great synergy potential of a digital platform with leading premium brands. This strategy will be further advanced in the coming years to accelerate the transition to healthy and sustainable pet food in Europe. Together, AlphaPet's subsidiaries and brands are driving digitalisation and digital brand building in the pet market, with the vision of providing healthy food for every pet.


Marco Hierling



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I founded the company over 10 years ago with the vision of bringing healthy pet food into the mainstream. Today, we already distribute over 200 million healthy meals a year for dogs and cats and have reached a major milestone! I am looking forward to continuing our successful journey in the coming years and further expanding our position as the leading premium digital pet food platform in Europe.

Marco Hierling, Founder