HR departments are facing a variety of challenges: Digitalization is transforming the entire world of work, which has additionally been accelerated by the pandemic. In HR, smart tools can minimize a lot of manual administrative work. For example, the digital administration of all employee benefits on one platform can lead to an enormous increase in efficiency.

To survive in the war for talent, companies must offer both tangible and intangible incentives. For the younger generation, the focus is no longer on salary, but on appreciation, fun and a positive working environment. Flexible benefits are a form of appreciation that can be directly felt by the employee as a salary extra.

One of the biggest concerns at the moment is high inflation. In companies, the fluctuation rate is increasing, as a salary increase is best achieved with a change of job. With benefits, companies can provide their employees with targeted support in addition to their salary where price increases are noticeable, e.g., for food purchases or transportation.

Florian Gottschaller and Dr. Ralph Meyer founded Spendit in 2014 with the idea of making tax-free benefits in kind flexibly available through a prepaid card, the SpenditCard. Two years later, Lunchit, the digital meal allowance, followed. Benefit Mobility, launched in 2023, complements the portfolio by offering a flexible alternative to a job ticket or company car.

Today, Spendit counts over 7,000 companies in Germany and Austria among its customers, accounting for a total of over 237,500 users. Under the leadership of Ralf Aigner, CEO, the company has grown to over 70 employees.


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Today, only motivated and happy employees ensure that companies are successful. Employee motivation and employee satisfaction are decisive for whether employees are fully involved and remain loyal to the company for a long time. For this, we at SPENDIT develop easy-to-use solutions that inspire your employees.

Ralf Aigner, CEO